Will Gutenberg replace other Page Builders?

What is Gutenberg?

Gutenberg replaces the classic editor in the aim to completely outshine other page builders. It has the same concept in mind with a client-side interface built in React that uses a block-based system to create your content with various elements.

So What’s the Problem?

The main problem is that WordPress hasn’t made an effort to factor in backward compatibility into the newest Gutenberg release. Any website that is updated will be forced to start using the page builder from the get-go. People using third-party page builders won’t have any option but to restore an older version of their website just so they can avoid updating until a further patch has been released.

Impact on Agencies, Site Owners & Developers

These people will need to prepare for WordPress version 5 to make sure that they or their clients aren’t affected by the Gutenberg update. This will come at a cost to the client due to what’s in store for fixing issues with backward compatibility. Companies that issue update straight away will come across these errors imminently and will be forced into paying to have this rectified.

In conclusion, in order to introduce a page builder like Gutenberg as the standard WordPress page builder, it needs to iron out and focus on the fundamentals of it working with core plugins. WordPress needs something like this to replace the third party versions but Gutenberg feels like it was released without much thought put into it.

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