3 Reasons No One Visits Your Website (and how to change that)

In a world driven by technology, it’s safe to say that very few businesses can survive or thrive without a strong web presence, but having a website and leaving it at that just isn’t enough to guarantee success. Especially in particular industries which are full of tech-savvy entrepreneurs.

When you take your first steps in the online world, you may expect that you will put your website live and then sit back while your website gets 100’s of views. However, you will soon find that gaining and maintaining a user base is pretty difficult.

In this blog post, you will learn 3 of the most common mistakes website owners make, and how you can make sure that you don’t make them too. Once you’ve read this post, you will be certain on how you can turn your online business into a success.

1- Think more like a customer

Time is valuable to everyone so it is essential you keep this in mind when designing your business plan and your website which will be accompanying it. Before you even start the development of your website, think about how you are going to provide value to your customer’s lives.

Once you have your focus, start building a website that supports focus while keeping the user experience as simple and streamlined as possible. Customers should be able to navigate around your site with ease and gather information about your services as quickly as possible – don’t make this harder than it needs to be!

2- Optimize for better search engines

Some think search optimisation has peaked over the last year but the truth is, SEO is still crucial in order for your website to be found. If your business provides a niche product or service, there’s an even higher chance that users are using Google to search for that product or service.

Search Engine Optimisation essentially means making your website so that it can be found on Google. To do this you need to make your text content simple, clear and searchable. You should never try and get round search engines by duplicating pages or creating fake content. Google even ranks pages based on how easy to read they are, so if you have lots of keywords crammed in – you’re still not going to rank!

The easiest way to get your website ranking on Google is to research what the most popular search terms for your business are and work them naturally into your written content.

3 – Find a reliable host

The quickest way to have a website everyone hates before they’ve even seen it is to have a website with slow a loading speed. People expect websites to be fast and responsive. This means having a page loading time of under 3 seconds. If your website takes too long to load, your potential customer will just move onto a competitor.

You may find it tempting to make the hosting decision based on price, especially when some companies offer hosting solutions for under £1 per month. However, you should make this decision based on your needs. For example, the basic plans for a lot of low-cost providers often come with limited storage space or bandwidth allowances. Or you might sign up for a host and find out that adding a security certificate will cost you hundreds of dollars per year.

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