Do I Need an SSL Certificate for My Website?

Benefits of an SSL Certificate

1. SSL Certificates Secure Data
It’s important to make your website secure for your users, especially if that data is on an eCommerce store or it captures a lot of user data. Whether it’s a simple contact form, login form or credit card information, it’s a must to keep their data safe with an SSL.

2. An SSL Certificate does wonders for SEO
Google has recently changed their algorithm to give websites with an SSL certificate a better ranking over none secure websites. It might not be noticeable to some industry’s, but it can harm your rankings in the long run if your site isn’t secure.

3. SSL Certificates Earn Trust
When an SSL certificate is visible on a website, this gains users trust and will help the end result of the purchase. It adds credibility to the website and will outshine website’s that aren’t secure.

My website is secure, what do I do?

When in doubt, contact your hosting provider. Mello Agency can provide hosting from £100/year and SSL certificates depending on specification. If your current hosting provider won’t provide you with an SSL certificate contact us now to rectify the issue.

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